Paramount Development Group

About Us

We are a real-estate development limited liabilities company whose business model is the development of blighted, under performing real-estate assets into significant or landmark properties.

Creating Growth

This transformative repositioning process not only creates desperately  needed affordable housing and market rate properties, but it removes blight,  spurs economic development activity, creates jobs and fosters a climate for further investment.

Community Pride

We also generate a heightened sense of community pride in the municipality through the rehabilitated landmark or redeveloped community asset(s); as well as builds a sense of personal dignity in the residents and occupants of the completed projects.

Our Associates

At Paramount Development Group we believe in teamwork and a commitment to excellence to build the finest quality projects. To achieve this goal we have assembled a group of highly experienced professionals with this same sense of cooperation and dedication.

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While working with Mr. DeRosas as he completed the Blakely Building, I found him to be committed, intelligent and forward thinking, I believe his work as an affordable housing developer is most commendable. Read more >

Barry R. Finegold - State Senator